Bermuda Style Shorts + Fringe Benefits

In just a few more days, it’ll officially be Summer and I’m taking my fringe with benefits on a trip to Bermuda (not really… but in my mind, I’m truly on vacation). 

Low-cut tanks with front tie knots will be all I ask for this Summer. Actually, there’s a long list of things I proclaim as a “need” for the summer… but, that’s another story… who am I kidding… pfffft! However, none will top my obsession of pairing boots and shorts together. Although my legs have been screaming “Tan! Tan!” for a few years, now. I’m in love with this look for many reasons, my favorite being – the leg action without too much leg action. It’s such a teaser. 

As long as the weather permits, short shorts with over-the-knee or thigh-high boots, or barely above-the-knee shorts (such as my cuffed Bermuda ones) paired with either ankle or mid-calf boots – will be my summer recipe. 

Outfit Details:

Bermuda Graphic Tank ~ realitee (TJ Maxx)

Bermuda Shorts ~ Arden B

Fringe Boots ~ RF Lifestyles Boutique (Qupid Shoes)

Share some of your favorite go-to looks for the Summer in the comments section, below.

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