Lover of Fashion, Style, Art and Food.


My love for style began, many moons ago, when I realized the things I enjoyed in fashion were different from the majority – I like to call it my eclectic style. Taking trendy items, old and new, mixing high-end with the not so much and spinning it my way. Growing up as a tomboy, I don’t think I’ve ever considered myself  a girly-girl or any sort of fashionista. I just liked, what I like, to make sense to me (LOL! Go figure)…

Fast-forward to today. Although, I still love white tees and denim pants, graffiti art and rap music, there’s now more of a feminine touch to my style evolution.

 – cupcakes and wine are my favorite pass time HA! Outside of fashion, I have a long standing career in Information Technology (I know, I know, how often do you see a stylish geek?)… I’m local to Houston – residing in my EaDo loft that I absolutely adore. And, you can pretty much find me at Tout Suite any day of the week. Or, you can catch me here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday


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