Casual Monday: Around the Way

Around the Way

Going back to a familiar place in time, when my girls and I were notorious
for wearing sneakers with our skirts and dresses. Especially, if we’re talking
Adidas. An everlasting love in my style book. Trendy then, and trendy, now. I’ll
just call this look “Goldan on the Block”

Last years knot-front dress paired with
a blazer to tone down my newly found woman-figure (*smirk*)… In addition, I was hell bent on freeing the tatas for a day. Therefore, jazzing it up a bit to give it more of a classy/ratchet vibe (LOL!) was a must…

And, what are the odds that I find graffiti art that represents my Adidas on the day that I’m actually wearing them?! 

Outfit Details:

Knot-Front Dress & Bag ~ RF Lifestyles (local boutique)

Blazer ~ MaxMara

Sneakers ~ Adidas

Thanks for stopping by!

See you on the next blog post…



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